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Grow in EMEA offers creative financing solutions within the greater structure of an ultra-high net worth investor’s asset management plan.

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Fund Solutions

Our clients are sophisticated, accredited investors that seek elite investment options, including private equity and other funds that are not available through other sources. Our relationships with independent advisors open doors for access to those funds and other investment opportunities that mesh with our liquidity and financing services. As with all of our services, GrowinEMEA's extends a transparent and open approach to services that involve funds. We only collaborate with fund investment solution providers that concur with this approach. In this manner, our elite clients get exclusive, real-time access to investment information. This enables them to stay abreast of investment fund trends and to take advantage of new products that can add alpha to the strategic component of their investment portfolios.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Grow in EMEA interfaces with leading international consultants that provide M&A guidance and transactional services to clients in all international markets. Our financing and liquidity services merge with M&A developments to deliver unique financing solutions for business expansion, industry rollups, and acquisitions of new lines of business. The M&A consultants in our network have facilitated or advised on: Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Offs, Divestitures, Equity Restructurings, Joint Ventures, Leveraged Buyouts and Recapitalization


"GrowinEMEA" extends its financing and liquidity specialties across a wide array of jurisdictions, on and offshore regions, principalities, and domiciles. We are one of the most diverse financing service providers in all global industry sectors and across multiple asset classes. We coordinate our specialized lending and liquidity capabilities with other alternative or novel finance capabilities from a network of independent professionals to finance liquid assets and creatively tailor loans against less liquid assets with less focus on a client’s credit profile or other unique circumstances. Our financing solutions options include fine art, real estate, private aircraft investments, securities, and tangible and intangible corporate asset investments. The combined abilities that are within our firm and that come from independent resources facilitate the most customized solutions for any client’s unique situation and catalyze the delivery of exceptional value in every client engagement. Services: Liquid Asset Financing, Real Estate Financing, Equity Stake Financing, Structured Financing Solutions, and Securities Financing

Global Wealth Management

Global wealth management begins with identifying your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements and customizing an approach that serves both your short and long-term needs. Our well-orchestrated financial management strategy seeks to afford our clients the ability to capitalize on favorable investment opportunities. Grow in EMEA’s unique global relationships, combined with our effective risk management and wealth generation strategies, ensure a comprehensive financial approach for our clients.


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Banu Kırveli

Banu Kırveli

Banu is a business professional with broad experience in inter-agency relationship and project management, marketing, and designing brand strategies. She worked in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in both the public and private sectors in Turkey and in the U.S.A. She also took part in the management team of many organizations.

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